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I'm Kaye, a psychotherapist, author and vanlife enthusiast!

I have lived in the Shires of Great Britain... Born in Berkshire, brought up in Buckinghamshire, bought (and sold) a cottage in Oxfordshire, and now live on and around the winding roads in Worcestershire's hills and forests in my converted van.

After learning so much from the challenges I had faced while working for stressed out CEOs (in London's TV and publishing environments) and then, latterly, in our military's welfare structure (as a civilian), I decided to take the offer of redundancy and finally scratch that itch to travel. Sadly, the brakes were rammed on soon after (literally a couple of weeks) - as it was 2020. 

I had had no intension of living long-term in a van, but that's what it turned out to be. 

Because I'm the type of woman who makes lemonade out of lemons, my goal now is to live a life full of intention, creativity and inspiration by combining my writing and art - together with my passion to help people figure their own lives, with my skills as a psychotherapist and coach.

This awareness continues to lead me to the most beautiful places and introduces me to some of the most interesting people. Living the Van Life has given me a direction that, had I not been encouraged to do so, would have closed me off from something really rather inspirational.

When I accepted redundancy, in March 2020, my interest in nomadic living began. My friends thought I was mad. I was going to be referred to as 'that Crazy Lady who lives in a van'. But, contrary to their concerns, I was inspired by others who had paved the way before me. With their innovative ideas, their enthusiasm to embrace freedom and determination to live a life 'off the grid', they showed me I could live in a way that would enable me to wander this beautiful country and become an observer of the delights it offered. To go wherever I felt inspirated and to experience life a little bit slower, and simpler. 

The road my life took, found me in a position with nothing in front of me and a heck of lot behind me.  So, with a little bit of money saved, and my brakes firmly on during the world-wide pandemic while parked on a friend's driveway, there were a few small dreams my mind nurtured so, I took the time to begin putting them into action. While I did so, others encouraged me to start posting my thoughts, dreams and inspirations on YouTube, hence, @CamperVan-K began. 

As most people who live life on the road, I've struggled, but my previous challenges served me well by preparing me to stay strong, and each time I choose to share my thoughts, I knew it helped others grow too. Many people are afraid of this world and the people in it, but I can tell you from experience the majority of people I meet are good, kind folk with an interesting tale to tell along the way.  

Above: Big Blue on a hill somewhere on this beautiful earth. Below: Inside Big Blue.

Join me on my vanlife journey.

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